New Feature: Quick Filter

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

With the recent additions of personas, funnel stages and the upcoming additions of campaigns and content ideas, Compendium has even more ways to search and filter your marketing content. It's become necessary to alter Compendium's content filtering interface to handle these new elements. Quick filter, located at the top-right of the manage content screens is the new, super-fast, super-easy way to find exactly the content you need.

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Updated Feature: Multi-Level Categories

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Categories can now be multi-level, with parent and child categories. Many clients are using multi-level categories to manage company locations or categorized content hub navigation. New child categories can be created or existing categories moved on the Manage Categories page inside of Compendium. Please note that creating multi-level categories will not instantly alter the look of your content hub, but this can be easily accomplished. Contact the Compendium Support Team to change the appearance of categories on your content hub.

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Updated Feature: Assignments

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Coordinating a team of content creators is challenging and time consuming. Our updated assignments functionality will simplify your life and lead to better targeted content.

Assignments to authors and producers are now tagged with every field in our system, including personas and engagement funnels (contact your Success Manager for more information on Personas if you're not using them already). The following notifications will sent:

  • One email will be sent to an author upon assignment
  • A follow up email will be sent two days before an assignment is due, if it is not already completed

Of course, you can easily see the status of all content (both assigned and unassigned) at a glance through the editorial calendar.

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New Feature Announcement: Content Buckets!

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Monday, March 4, 2013


We're pleased to announce the launch of a powerful new feature, Content Buckets!  This release comes after our entire overhaul of Compendium to version 4.0 and the release of our new content marketing toolset.

A bit about Content Buckets -- this feature allows you, the marketer, to easily create groups of content that can then be pushed into email campaigns, marketing automation platforms or even landing pages.

With content buckets, you can quickly create groups of content for any marketing or email campaign you may have running.  For example, let's say you want to put together an email newsletter with blog content included; Content Buckets is a fantasitic tool for this.

Once you've created a basic group of content, or bucket, you're then able to completely customize the look and feel of that content with simple buttons and tools.  

Finally, when you're ready to take the next step, pick your platform, click send and just like that, it's now accessible in other platforms like ExactTargetEloqua and other as needed.

Check out the video below for a quick overview:

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Announcing Compendium 4.0 - The Complete Content Marketing Suite

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today we're announcing the January 16th release of Compendium 4.0. Over the last year, we've extended the Compendium 3 platform in many different areas including:

  • A new, highly-flexible publishing platform for the creation of branded content hubs
  • An editorial calendar with a seamless view of your content marketing efforts
  • New integrations with social media platforms and marketing partners such as Eloqua, ExactTarget and HootSuite

Compendium 4.0 builds upon these upgrades with a complete redesign of the application, the addition of our new Content Scoring functionality and much improved tablet/iPad support. Here's a brief video describing the coming changes:

For mobile viewing, please watch via YouTube.

If you have any questions or comments on the upcoming release, please don't hesitate to contact me at Thanks!

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Hootsuite Integration Launched

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012
Over the past few months, we’ve greatly expanded Compendium’s social network integrations to also include scheduling and author-level promotions. Many clients have reported huge time savings and increased traffic from the use of our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn integration tools.
However, a large percentage of our enterprise clients manage their social networks through Hootsuite, taking advantage of Hootsuite’s multiple-account management, advanced filtering and collaboration functionality. 
To make the sharing of content through Hootsuite even easier, we’ve added a new integration that places promotions of Compendium content directly into your Hootsuite Drafts folder. Once in drafts, you can schedule and edit the promotion within Hootsuite and promote to your various social networks, including Google+. Thus, making your content marketing strategy even easier to execute.
There’s no charge for this upgrade (yet another advantage of using a hosted software solution, such as Compendium) and you can easily add it to your account by visiting your Account Settings page and clicking on “Sharing Accounts”.
With Compendium's content marketing platform, sharing content to Hootsuite is only one button click away!
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Editorial Calendar Themes: Three Great Uses

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Last month we released our new editorial calendar which included the ability to create themes on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Themes allow you to create your content strategy and then communicate that strategy to your authors. Compendium clients are using these themes in a variety of interesting ways:

Recurring Daily Themes

Create a cadence to your editorial calendar by setting themes for each day of the week. Themes could be topics or even authors, assigning each author a day to create content.

Marketing Calendar Themes

Base your editorial strategy around your overall marketing calendar, discussing various events occurring within your marketing efforts. This strategy can build awareness of a conference you’re attending or scheduled product launches.

Theme of the Week

With this strategy, each week could have a unique theme. Themes could be educational in nature, as shown here, or even whimsical and highlight the fact that the first week of September is National Waffle Week.
Themes can easily be created by clicking on the header section of each day on the editorial calendar. If you have any feedback or requests on expanded theme functionality, please contact me - I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


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Editorial Calendar 2.0 - All New!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We’re excited to announce the launch of our completely rebuilt editorial calendar. It includes many of our most-requested calendar upgrades including:

Daily Themes

Guide your authors and plan your editorial strategy by assigning a topic or theme to each day.  Themes can be set to reoccur on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Social Media Integration

All of your social media promotions are now displayed on the calendar for easy review and scheduling. If there’s too much noise, you can simply hide the promotions at any time.

Drag & Drop Rescheduling

Spot a gap in your content schedule?  Drag an unscheduled post from the sidebar into the open spot on your calendar.  You can reschedule social promotions, too.

Author Visibility

All of your authors now have access to the calendar and the daily themes.  They can’t make any changes or edits to the schedule, but we hope this visibility improves communication of the overall editorial strategy within your team.

Calendar Export & Sharing

Calendars for both posts and social promotions can be exported and shared to external calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook Calendar.  These calendar sharing URLs can also be given to co-workers and employees for improved visibility into your content marketing operations.

Filtering & Improved Design

We’ve made significant improvements to the design of the calendar, including the addition of content status and social network filters.  Getting a visual overview of your editorial schedule has never been easier.
It’s our hope and desire that this upgrade improves your life in two ways.  First, we hope administering your editorial calendar is easier and takes less time than before.  But secondly, and perhaps more importantly, we want to build a platform that helps you be more strategic.  This calendar allows you to create and share a long-term strategy and visually check your progress against that strategy.
If you have questions, please contact your Account Manager or myself.  We’d love to talk about this upgrade and its impact on your content marketing!


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Author Profiles, Twitter, Google+ & More

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We've just released expanded author profiles by adding ten new fields customizable to each user!  The following new fields are available on the user's account settings:
  • Photo (this will replace our previous Gravatar implementation for author photos)
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Website URL
  • Twitter Username
  • Google+ Profile URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Phone Number
  • Bio
These fields can be added to your blog or content hub to provide more insight into authors' credibility, highlight their personality and drive deeper engagement/interaction on a personal level.  We can also integrate Twitter Follow and Facebook Subscribe buttons for authors.  Here's an example from our new Grand Central Content Hub:
To start using these fields, you'll need to ask your authors to login and update their account settings, or you'll need to update the fields from the manager users page.  Then contact our product support team and let them know how you'd like the fields added to your blog design. If there are other fields you'd like added to the platform, I'd love to hear your feedback.  Thanks!
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New Feature: Pinterest Image Sharing Button

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest is a relatively new website, whose popularity has skyrocketed the past few months. On Pinterest, people essentially share images they love and become inspired by the images other people share. Because of Pinterest's growing popularity, we want to make sure all of our clients know we can add Pinterest buttons to their individual post pages.

That said, Pinterest isn't for every blog.  Pinterest is an *image* sharing networking, not a link sharing network (like Twitter or Facebook). It's great for blogs that use a lot of interesting pictures in their posts. This will mainly apply to B2C businesses, such as our client, helps people move their pets safely and effectively around the world. Their blog features a lot of great customer stories, which often include a charming picture of their pet. People love to share pictures of lovable animals, making their blog a perfect fit for a Pinterest button:

Your Blog and Pinterest

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